Our Lawn Services in North Texas


Lawn Care

Elevate your North Texas lawn care with Gro Pro Horticulture Services. Say goodbye to yellow patches and stubborn weeds with our custom treatments. Our comprehensive approach includes tailored liquid treatments, precise weed control, and eight fertilizer applications yearly to keep your lawn lush and healthy. Plus, our specialized fire ant treatment ensures a pest-free environment.

We offer custom lawn care treatments that include:
  • A comprehensive inspection to learn more about your property.
  • Liquid treatments that are customized to your specific needs.
  • Weed control that targets unwanted plants while protecting your grass.
  • 8 fertilizer applications throughout the year to keep your lawn fed.
  • Fire Ant Treatment

Trust us for expert lawn care solutions that enhance your property's beauty.


Tree and Shrub Care

Your ornamentals are a focal point of your landscaping, so make sure they always look great with our tree and shrub care. We offer personalized treatment plans that take into account the type of plants you have, their current health, your property’s location, and countless other factors. We guarantee you’ll have strong, healthy ornamentals.

Our tree and shrub care includes:

  • Liquid injections to fertilize large trees and shrubs with deep root systems.
  • Granular applications to fertilize young plants and ground cover.
  • Preventative insect control to stop hungry pests from causing damage.
  • Reactive treatments to eliminate existing pest problems before they get worse.
  • Year-round treatments for lasting results.

Lawn Pest Control

In North Texas, pests like grubs and mosquitoes can wreak havoc on your lawn, disrupting your outdoor enjoyment. At Gro Pro Horticulture Services, we specialize in tackling these notorious pests effectively. Our safe yet potent insect and disease control solutions ensure a pest-free environment, allowing you to reclaim your outdoor space without concern.

We treat pests that are notoriously tough to treat on your own, such as:

  • Grubs
  • Mosquitoes
  • And More

Thankfully, it’s easy to eliminate them with our insect and disease control. Our products are tough on pests but safe to use in your backyard, so you can spend time outside without worry.

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Lawn Aeration

Even the most well-cared-for lawns can experience soil compaction and thatch buildup, which result in visibly unhealthy grass. The only way to undo this damage is with lawn aeration. We’ll loosen up the soil, giving you grass room to breathe while helping water and nutrients reach the roots.

Benefits of lawn aeration include:

  • Better resistance to drought and disease.
  • Fewer weeds.
  • Stronger, deeper grass roots.
  • Thicker, greener grass blades.
  • Less thatch buildup.
  • More efficient water absorption.
  • An overall healthier lawn.