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5 Star Review

Just wanted to say we are VERY HAPPY Gro-Pro customers. Our yard has never looked this weed free in March (especially after the harsh winter we have had), and already looks healthy, with little green blades starting to pop up. Looking forward to a beautiful summer. Thanks for the great service!

John Nevener
5 Star Review

My yard was ate up with weeds at the start of spring. I couldn’t get them under control so I decided to call Gro-Pro and boy am I glad I did. My yard has never looked so healthy. After the first spraying the weeds were gone within a week and my yard is still healthier than its ever been. I will definitely be using them from here on out to care for my yard and recommend their services to anyone.

Michelle Hedgecock
5 Star Review

Gro Pro saved our yard! All the other major players could not get the weeds (clover, Dalis and Crab) under control. Gro Pro's approach using only liquid product (no fertilizer pellet all over the porch or driveway) took care of our weeds after a couple of treatments. The yard has never looked better. I wish they were all over the metroplex so I could get family and friends switched over. Jerry, Maren and the entire team are great folks to work with and care about their quality of work. Highly recommend!

Steve Cori