Professional, Effective & Affordable Lawn Care

Professional, Effective & Affordable Lawn Care

Ready to revitalize your residential or commercial lawn with long-lasting, sustainable results? Gro-Pro Horticulture Services, Inc.’s professional lawn care services and fertilization programs can help. Gro-Pro customizes its liquid treatments based on your property’s specific needs to yield the very best results possible. Our comprehensive suite of lawn care applications include:

• Targeted Fertilizer
• Nutrients
• Seasonal Weed Control

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Lawn Care for your lawn

No blanket treatments or one-size-fits-all strategies with us. Gro-Pro modifies the nutrients, mixture and timing of our applications based on your lawn’s seasonal and unique conditions. Our personalized approach eliminates weeds, supports root health, and promotes new growth for a thriving, robust, lush lawn.

Weed Control

Weeds can run rampant throughout your property, depriving your grass and plants of much-needed nutrients. Gro-Pro’s weed control treatments are uniquely designed to safely eliminate unwanted growth all year long yet still promote the health of your lawn and beds.

Gro-Pro: Our Annual Application Schedule

Gro-Pro’s 8-round annual fertilization program uses customized liquid treatments to deliver year-round support of your lawn. Our technicians will assess the current condition of your lawn and soil systems to create a personalized treatment strategy that boosts the health, strength, and beauty of your lawn and turf. Our annual scheduling and treatments include:

Round 1: Winter (Jan- Feb)

Gro-Pro’s experienced technicians apply a pre and post-emergent to control existing winter weeds and prevent spring weeds from taking root.

Round 2: Early Spring (Feb-Mar)

Spring is just around the corner, and we are ready! This treatment includes pre and post-emergent, slow release fertilizer and soil amendments to promote growth and support color when things begin to bloom.

Round 3: Spring (April-May)

The warmer temperatures mean it’s time for slow release fertilizer, herbicides, and nutrients that will feed and strengthen your root systems. Gro-Pro will even spot treat weeds to keep your lawn healthy and strong.

Round 4: Early Summer (May-June)

Gro-Pro’s professional technicians fertilize and nourish the soil to increase your property’s strength and ability to ward off sicknesses and disease.

Round 5: Mid Summer (July-Aug)

Gro-Pro uses a slow release fertilizer for your grass and nutrients to ensure root growth. We also spot treat for weeds. Our technicians inspect and report back any disease or insect problems detected.

Round 6: Late Summer (Aug-Sept)

Our end of summer application includes pre and post-emergent, slow release fertilizer, and nutrients that help fight off drought conditions as well as control fall and winter weeds.

Round 7: Fall (Oct- Nov)

Gro-Pro fertilizes and feeds your property’s soil to prepare it for the cooler temperatures. We’ll also apply nutrients to the root system to ward off weeds.

Round 8: Late Fall (Nov-Dec)

Now is the perfect time to apply soil nutrients and prep your property for winter conditions, stresses, and any stubborn seasonal weeds.

Exceptional Customer Service Excellence

At Gro-Pro, customer service excellence is always our top priority. Our crews are professional, honest and respectful. Communication is paramount with our team!

Most importantly, at Gro-Pro, we stand behind our work. We guarantee every treatment, service, and application. If you’re not completely satisfied, contact our team. Gro-Pro will retreat your property until we achieve the results expected.

Gro-Pro Horticulture Services, Inc

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