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Gro-Pro Horticulture Services, Inc., has one primary purpose to create and deliver customized, professional fertilization, insect and disease programs that strengthen and protect your properties for long term results. Gro-Pro has earned our reputation as a local leading provider of:

• Lawn Fertilization
• Weed Control
• Tree & Shrub Care
• Insect & Disease Control

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gro pro service

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Gro-Pro also offers to residential and commercial clients in our area access to other treatments. Some of our additional capabilities include:

Mosquito Control

Every year, mosquito-generated sicknesses and diseases harm millions of people, forcing many of us to stay inside. Gro-Pro’s highly effective spraying process breaks the mosquito’s life cycle and helps identify their habitat to eliminate future generations of them taking over your yard and gardens. Gro-Pro’s 10-treatment program will help you take back outdoor pleasures. We even offer special event spraying so you can optimize enjoyment of your exterior living spaces.

Grub Control

Grubs show up in healthy, well-kept lawns for just one reason…to feed themselves on the root systems of your grass. They are also a food source to larger animals, such as armadillos, moles, and skunks that can destroy your lawn as they dig up grubs. Let Gro-Pro prevent these un-welcomed guests from causing severe damage and turf loss throughout your property. Gro-Pro’s innovative treatment approach stops grubs before they start.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are prevalent throughout the south. Right here in Texas, home and business owners can quickly find themselves plagued with both Black Imported Fire Ants and Red Imported Fire Ants. When left untreated, these bugs are fierce, territorial, and persistent. Gro-Pro uses a granular and liquid treatment to ensure your lawn is free from these angry ants. Our sprays and pesticides are EPA approved safe for:

  • People
  • Property
  • Pets

Our treatment eliminates most fire ants; however, there is a chance stray insects will relocate to avoid extermination. We highly recommend a bi-annual or annual application to keep ants away from your home or business property.

Core Aeration

Compaction occurs primarily on the surface of the soil and can range from a quarter to a half inch deep. When left untreated, compacted areas can deprive your lawn of water, air, and other critical factors. Gro-Pro’s core aeration services are strategically designed to reduce soil compaction. Our aeration machines pull plugs from the soil, creating large pores that allow vital moisture and nutrients to reach the root systems of your plants and grass.

We Customized Our Lawn And Turf Services

Gro-Pro’s trained team of technicians will evaluate our clients’ lawns at every visit to determine your needs. We use this information to develop a customized lawn care treatment plan that drives results. Want to hear more? Contact us today to schedule your no-risk property assessment.

Gro-Pro Horticulture Services, Inc

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